Lincoln and Obama: A story of unlikely Presidents…

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You will be surprised to learn how many parallels there are between the 16th President and the 44th President. Even their times are alike. Some similarities are obvious and predictable, but others are fascinating, uncanny, mysterious.And, what is most important, the similarities matter.Written by Gene Griessman, author of The Words Lincoln Lived By and Lincoln On Communication, this is the fascinating account of two obscure Illinois lawyer-politicians — separated by 150 years — who against all odds come to the White House.Unlikely Presidents.This is an American story about success and failure,  ambition and hatred, politics and passion.Click herefor an valuable introductory offer.”Love this book. Couldn’t put it down.” –Fred Wallin host of the Morning Brew,  Audiotracks  Radio Network


“Gene Griessman takes a subject that others have merely touched upon, and explores the similarities between these two men with a depth of research and detail that left me astounded. Each topic adds more credibility to the fascinating observation that Lincoln and Obama are bound by more than circumstance…they are bookends to history!”  Robert W. English, Producer. Luzerne Productions. Saratoga Springs, NY

“Prof. Griessman has done a superb job. His book is outstanding.  Not only does Griessman give us Lincoln quotes, but he also weaves each one into a little jewel of an essay on that particular subject.  If a reader peruses a chapter a week, he or she will have a year’s worth of inspiration.  In this entire treatise, this reviewer noted only one very minor error. The date of Lincoln’s father’s birth is listed as either 1776 or 1778.  Thomas Lincoln was born January 6, 1778.” –Review by noted historian Wayne C.Temple, for the respected journal of Lincoln history The Lincoln Herald”

 “Gene Griessman has done it again–with yet another fast-moving, unexpected, captivating riff on the history we thought we knew. This book sheds new light on what may be the most meaningful presidential relationship that has ever existed across time.” –Harold Holzer, winner of the Lincoln Prize and author of Lincoln: President-Elect


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