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Advice from Lincoln

Advice from #Lincoln for #Trump (or any leader): “Every word is so closely noted that it will not do to make trivial ones.” Oct 1862 #GG

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KING ABRAHAM AFRICANUS I This is a fascinating Obama–Lincoln parallel—a political cartoon published during Lincoln’s presidency that depicts Lincoln as an African king. (Source: 2014 edition of “Lincoln and Obama” by Gene Griessman. Courtesy Houghton Library, Harvard University)  

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Robert Gates

THE LINCOLN WHITE HOUSE AND THE MILITARY The controversy over Robert Gates’ new book “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War” has raised important questions about how presidents should deal with the military.  I have not read Gates’ book, so … Continue reading

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Lincoln Live: The Wit And Wisdom Of Abraham Lincoln

“Gene Griessman is the foremost Lincoln impersonator in the world.”—Tom Antion, author of “Electronic Marketing for Small Business” and noted authority on Internet communication This is the one-man play that has received standing ovations at Ford’s Theatre, the Georgia Dome … Continue reading

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IRS SCANDAL If your journalists are on the top of their game, your reporting will focus on the real scandal–that political organizations such as the Tea Party are getting tax-exempt status, something expressly prohibited by law. Whenever I make a … Continue reading

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