Lincoln Live: The Wit And Wisdom Of Abraham Lincoln

“Gene Griessman is the foremost Lincoln impersonator in the world.”—Tom Antion, author of “Electronic Marketing for Small Business” and noted authority on Internet communication

This is the one-man play that has received standing ovations at Ford’s Theatre, the Georgia Dome before 25,000, and aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

“Griessman is probably the definitive Lincoln.” wrote The Palisadian Post. “Griessman has done for Lincoln what Hal Holbrook has done for Mark Twain.” said Mel Kranzberg, Ph.D. past Editor-in-Chief, Technology and Culture.

“Masterful…unmatched.” was the reaction of Nido R. Qubein, past president, National Speakers Association, who witnessed Griessman’s performance at Ford’s Theatre.

The wisdom, humor, and eloquence of the 16th President is brought to life by Gene Griessman’s stirring interpretation, which vividly portrays critical moments from Lincoln’s life. You will revisit Gettysburg and Ford’s Theatre with Lincoln. You will learn the lessons he learned about leadership, persistence, communication, and personal achievement.

Imagine how fortunate you would feel if you really could have a conversation Abraham Lincoln. Just think what it would be like to hear the 16th President share secrets he learned about leadership, communication, and personal achievement. You now have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to do just that. Bring your camera for photos of and with one of the greatest leaders of all time.

Gene Griessman’s remarkable performance and uncanny resemblance to Lincoln bring one of the world’s most beloved figures to life. The stately look and resonant voice with its wry humor are exacting. His powerful portrayal of Lincoln’s insights and achievements is eloquent and completely meaningful to all of us. Many who have witnessed this portrayal have stated that they felt Lincoln was actually present.

Time has not diminished the power of Lincoln’s insights on leadership, diversity, self-improvement, will power, and persistence. You will learn unforgettable lessons from one of the great figures of all time. This will be an exciting, fun-filled, poignant performance. Lincoln was not stuffy. He was a wonderful storyteller. You’ll love his jokes, and you may even brush away a tear.

“Gene Griessman visited our organization this week. He received the highest ratings our members have ever given a speaker. He is spectacular. His opening one-man play is better than any evening at the theatre, and the following two-hour discussion on leadership is filled with wisdom, energy and inspiration.” -Bill Peterson, Chairman, The Executive Committee, Saskatoon, Canada

“Thank you again for speaking at the Sixth Circuit conference. As you know, your performance was a big hit. It will be hard to top in coming years.” -J. Garvey ‘Jack’ Rose, 6th Circuit, Federal Court

“The most fantastic program I have ever experienced on leadership. I was completely engaged every minute of the program.” -Susan Bixler, CEO, The Professional Image“Thanks for a fantastic job! Even our AV people said you are the best they have ever heard!” -Karen Hines, executive director, Association of College and University Auditors (ACUA)

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