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Gene Griessman autographs copies of The Words Lincoln Lived By and Lincoln Speaks to Leaders during a December visit to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. Photograph by Alice O’Neill.Reviews from Lincoln and ObamaAn Astute Depiction of Lincoln and Obama,September 12, 2012
By A. Davis

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This review is from: Lincoln and Obama (Paperback)

This is an unforgettable and inspirational book that showcases Dr. Griessman’s vast knowledge and understanding of Lincoln and Obama. It is amazing to learn of the numerous obstacles they overcame and the many similarities they shared in their quest for achievement culminating in the presidency.

I highly recommend that this book take a prominent position in your home library and that you buy a copy as a gift for a friend. This is not a dry rendition of history, but a vibrant and timely account of the lives of two of our most influential presidents.

Scholarly, yet insightful and very personal,September 3, 2012
By   Tom Nixon (Atlanta, GA) –
This review is from: Lincoln and Obama (Paperback)

Gene Griessman has written a very readable and fascinating book – filled with illuminating facts and comparisons about these two very popular and often vilified presidents.
We are frequently overwhelmed with the popular culture images of Lincoln as a faultless god of virtue and, depending on your political bent, we see Obama portrayed as the greatest statesman of our generation or as the very devil himself. Of course these images are overly simplistic – both Obama and Lincoln are complex men driven by their sense of right and wrong, controlled by the situations of their times and by the demons that may be inside them. Dr. Griessman’s book makes both the surface comparisons and then dives deep into the inner workings of each man to give the reader a rich and vivid picture of the similarities and the differences.
Lincoln and Obama is a very readable book. It can be picked up and enjoyed at any point but its strength is that, as a total, it shows us how these two men are cut from similar cloth – the fabric of great yet complex leaders.

I’d suggest reading this book now …,September 21, 2012
By Robert Gibson
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This review is from: Lincoln and Obama (Paperback)

In some matters it’s better to cut to the chase –
This is a fun, insightful book and I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading it.

Here’s why: certain people have a gift for insight in specific areas. One person goes to a symphony concert and hears nuances that the person beside them completely misses. Another has the gift of taste, and can discern flavors and subtleties that elude most of us.

Gene Griessman is the Pavarotti of Political observation.

He displays a gift for artfully seeing patterns and similarities between two great leaders. As he does, it deepens our understanding of our government, and of what it takes to be the President of the United States.

Read this book, and I’d suggest reading it now – the time between now and the election will be a different experience for you as a result.

Lincoln And Obama Is A Must Read,September 2, 2012
By Alice Licht
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This review is from: Lincoln and Obama (Paperback)

In Lincoln And Obama, former sociology professor and Fulbright Scholar Gene Griessman trains his observant eye on two historic presidents and reveals astonishing facts. Through a selection of true stories Griessman leads the reader in discovering the stark and dramatic ways the two presidents are alike. Griessman uses present tense throughout, a superb structure that effectively places the reader in the scene, as a documentary comes to life.

This is not a throwaway book of gossip meant to titillate. And it is not a far-fetched charade or weak stretch of the imagination. It is a brilliant weaving of pertinent historical facts of Lincoln and Obama, juxtaposed, in a most readable style. If you’ve read Griessman’s popular newsletter, The Achievement Digest, you’ll recognize his personal, revelatory style. As in the newsletter, Griessman uses his own poetry and quotes when appropriate. He opens the book with these words:

“A nation that does not know its past is ignorant.
Teach it.

A nation that lives in its past is asleep.
Awaken it.

A nation that does not learn from its past is in danger.
Warn it.”

–Gene Griessman

His writing packs a punch but is not bombastic or preachy. He respects the reader and his material and it shows. This book seems a natural corollary of one of Griessman’s earlier books, The Words Lincoln Lived By. There Griessman takes the reader into the world of Lincoln’s guiding principles. Few of us can be historical researchers or writers like Gene Griessman. But in Lincoln And Obama, Griessman makes us think we could, as he takes us on an adventurous discovery of our past and opens our eyes to the present, through the words and actions of two extraordinary American presidents.   This is a joyous read for all Americans.

In-depth,September 24, 2012
By  Robert W. English
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This review is from: Lincoln and Obama (Paperback)

Doctor Griessman takes a subject that others have merely touched upon, and explores the similarities between these two men with a depth of research and detail that left me astounded. Each topic adds more credibility to the fascinating observation that Lincoln and Obama are bound by more than circumstance…they are bookends to history!  Robert W. English, Producer. Luzerne Productions. Saratoga Springs, NY

Prof. Griessman has done a superb job. His book is outstanding.  Not only does Griessman give us Lincoln quotes, but he also weaves each one into a little jewel of an essay on that particular subject.  If a reader peruses a chapter a week, he or she will have a year’s worth of inspiration.  In this entire treatise, this reviewer noted only one very minor error. The date of Lincoln’s father’s birth is listed as either 1776 or 1778.  Thomas Lincoln was born January 6, 1778.”
Review by noted historian Wayne C.Temple, for the respected journal of Lincoln history The Lincoln Herald

“Lincoln on Communication is one of the very best videos/DVDs ever made. It’s a classic like ‘Gone With The Wind.’  I show it in many of my seminars.   Everyone loves it.”
Brad McRae, author of The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters

“Readers will rediscover Lincoln on the pages of The Words Lincoln Lived By and appreciate anew his timeless wisdom.”
–Harold Holzer, winner of the Lincoln Prize and author of Lincoln: President-Elect

“A clear and incisive study”
–John Sellers, Lincoln curator (retired), U.S. Library of Congress

“Using Lincoln’s own words, the author has skillfully crafted a memorial to Lincoln–not one of cold granite or marble, but rather a living, breathing testament.  Readers will be inspired by the great wisdom that springs from the pages of this book.”
–Mr. Kim Bauer, Co-editor, Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association

“Lincoln’s words remind us of the values that made America great and that we need now more the ever. His wisdom shines through on every page. This book is to cherish and share.”
–Bill Marriott, CEO, Marriott International, Inc.

“Griessman has done a masterful service in rendering Lincoln’s colossal wisdom of leadership to contemporary leaders and managers. It’s uncanny everything written about leadership today that is anything that’s significant —was spoken or written by Lincoln at least 130 years ago. And Griessman illuminates Lincoln’s brilliance to all of us.”
–Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, University of Southern California and author of Organizing Genius: The Secrets of Creative Collaboration

“First rate. Lincoln’s thoughts on just about anything are compelling, and here, they are artfully broken down into various categories, each brief and brisk. The Words Lincoln Lived By makes the quality of his greatness accessible to a wide variety of readers.”
–Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes 

“You’ll get a lot more done in your life when you follow this wise man’s great advice.”
–Og Mandino, Author, The Greatest Salesman In The World

“Time Tactics is a terrific book. I loved it. You’ll find it motivating and tremendously useful for every area of your life.”
Scott DeGarmo Editor in Chief and Publisher Success Magazine

Abraham Lincoln’s words prove to be timeless in this engaging and insightful work. Lincoln Speaks to Leaders is an important read for all those who wish to improve their leadership skills.
–Donald T. Phillips, author of Lincoln on Leadership

A unique and fascinating examination of how the life and lessons of our greatest president are more relevant than ever for leaders of our own troubled time. Lincoln Speaks to Leaders is inspiring, engrossing, and a sure-fire best-seller.
—Stephen B. Oates, Author of With Malice Toward None. The Life Of Abraham Lincoln

This important book is not just a lesson in self-improvement; it’s a refreshing new way to learn from America’s greatest leader.
Michael W. Kauffman, author of American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies

“Lincoln on Communication is a compelling and memorable educational experience and a joy to watch and listen to.  I show this peerless presentation to every class I teach and I always look forward to seeing it again.  It is not unusual for students to give it a standing ovation.”
Bill Funchion, Waubonsee Community College, Sugar, Grove, Illinois

“As a communication expert, I’ve seen hundreds of training videos that are designed to teach communications skills.   Gene Griessman’s Lincoln on Communication is in a category by itself.  Every single minute is captivating, entertaining, and educational.”   —Marilyn Mobley, Senior Vice president and Strategic Counsel for Edelman, the largest independent public relations firm in the world.

Clearly my appreciation for Abraham Lincoln’s leadership principles has been enhanced through my friendship with Coach John Wooden. During my twelve years coaching bas­ketball at UCLA Coach Wooden often referred to Lincoln as his favorite American and quoted him on a regular basis as a vehicle to teach others who were willing to listen. Now we can all improve our ability to lead through reading this excellent new book written by Pat Williams and Gene Griessman.
Steve Lavin, head basketball coach, St. John University

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